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  • Vehicle Diagnostic

    We can help start off your diagnostic process and possible routes that might need to be taken to rectify your warning light. Diagnostic codes are the starting point on that road map and don't necessarily point to a straight forward repair. We use factory level tools to help figure out which direction you might need to take to get your car fixed.

  • Vehicle Programming/Flashing and Updates

    When a module, transmission, engine, or other major component is replaced, it needs to be replaced. We offer factory programming/reprogramming for these modules. Manufacturers continually release updated programming for these modules to remove bugs and improve performance of your vehicle.

  • Battery Testing and Programming

    Is your car having problems starting? We can test your battery! Many European cars (BMW, Audi, Volkswagen) need their battery to be programmed when it is replaced. This allows the car to know what battery has been placed in the car, how to monitor voltage, and get the best power and life out of your battery.

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